Calor Door for steam room

Calor Doors for Steam are high quality glass doors for steam rooms. You can choose suitable door for any interior from the wide range of sauna doors offered by Maubach Trading Ltd. The glass assortment consists of colors bronze, gray, blue, and numerous patterned glasses. Uniqueness can be increased with frosted designs and pictures. All steam room doors offered by Maubach Trading Ltd are produced following all safety regulations and customers’ expectations. All Calor Doors are produced with thermo treated glass which is five times stronger than the usual glass. The jambs for the steam room Calor doors are made of air-humidity-resistant aluminum.

Calor Doors for sauna and steam can be assembled with glass of different shades and dimensions (bright, bronze, grey, green, matte/satin)

Calor Door for steam etched design

Calor Door for steam basic

Calor Door for Steam Room Pricelist 2014


Dimensions of Calor Doors for steam room

6 x 19 590 x 1890
7 x 19 690 x 1890
7 x 20 690 x 1990
7 x 21 690 x 2090
8 x 19 790 x 1890
8 x 20 790 x 1990
8 x 21 790 x 2090
9 x 21 890 x 2090

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