Saas Instruments Lighting Kits

It’s this kind of experience that has turned company into one of the world’s leading experts in innovative, high-quality lighting. We understand the latest technology such as fiber optics and LED. Technology is our heritage. But moreover, we understand the poetry of light.

SAAS has spent the last three decades helping our customers discover a whole new level of meaning in lighting. Whether you are looking for the right ready-made components, elegant lighting fixtures, or want to work with us on creating a completely tailor-made solution, we will help design a lighting scenario that suits your needs ­­– and exceeds your expectations.

Lighting Kits

Packages include everything necessary, including the lamps, wireset and power supplies. Leds are warm-white high power LEDs, where a light yield and the sustainability are the best of the market. Power leds lifespan is calculated from 50,000 hours, when there is still 70% of the original amount of light. LEDs color temperature and colors are excellent and fit for both the homes and public spaces.

Saas Highline Spot

Saas Highline Wide

Saas Highline Step

Saas Highline Floor

Saas Highline Sauna

Saas Highline Diagonal

Saas Highline Top

Saas Highline Strip

Saas Highline Strip Pro

Saas Highline Strip Pro 4000K

Saas Highline Sauna Glass Fiber

Saas Highline Sauna Plastic Fiber

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